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CGDreams is a friendly resource for high quality Training, and graphic design. With CGDreams you will find a reliable service reasonable in cost, while still providing the highest of quality products.

Here at CGDreams we want to offer a host of video training that covers the basics in all areas within the Computer Graphics industry including one to one training.

Why buy our training?

We believe that quality is more important than quantity, and that by covering smaller tasks instead of a whole process, it allows us to show you every single detail you need.

We aim to give you, the artist a insight into the process at hand, but also to understand what the tutor is thinking about while teaching you this process.

If you can get into the head of the tutor, you understand more about why the tutor is able to get the results he does, so that you can also achieve the same. We get the beginner started, and get the professional refined. We provide Training for Pixologic Zbrush, The Foundry MODO, Maxon Cinema 4D, Photoshop up to CS5, Polygonal Design Unfold3D to v9

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